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Nov 1, 2012 6:30pm PDT
>> tom: in neighborhoods around new york, the sound of chainsawe filled the air. jim munley had help clearing trees from his house in budd lake, new jersey. >> it started blowing real heavy after dark, and we lost our lights, like so many other people. we havwea propane generator, so that kicked in, so that was a relief. h but then about 11:00, it started blowing real hard. and between 11:00 and i'd said 12:30, the trees srted cominom down. but we were lucky-- it didn't hit the house. we had some limbs hit the house, but nothing structural. we have no phones, but like i sai we do have lights. we're running probably about 25w gallons a day. that's gallons not pounds. it uses up a lot of propane. i started with 200 and i've got probably 40 left. if you've been around in the woods any length of time, you know that you've got to have yourself prepared. we've got plenty of food. both cars are full of gas. so wwere in pretty good shape. the house is in livable shape. a lot of people in worse shape than us. this is not an uncommon situation. but this destruction is uncommon. i've never seen
Nov 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
you will recall in the 2,000 debate, first debate jim lehrer asked george w. bush, tell us one good thing about bill clinton. >> fema an james lee whit, and the tragedy of gorge w bu t's ainistration, fema and michael brown at the time of katrina. barack obama rebuilt it. and we are seeing it it work and respond. >> woodruff: do you think the storm could be making that much of a difference. >> i think the perception and you see activity and you see the chris's christie thing. peop are saying why is christie doing this, for his awn mattal ambitions. >> i don't think there is anyt ng like that when young ernor of a state,e a state you love that i in your heart and soul you feel an intense sense of stewardship. and when it gets wallopped by the storm the poll particulars seems irrelevant at this iint. and as christie saihi i don't care about the politics. if he is going to help me with my state, he is going to help the people of my state, then i'm grateful and i will work with him. so i think it is as simple as that. and i think he has been perfectly willing to hold the view that he'so
Nov 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
mayor jim schmitt at a.l.s. hambuaner shop. i ticed you're not endorsing either candidate. why's that? >> no. you what... what? look, i'm the mayor. i know who i want to be mayor, but when it comes to... >> reporter: you feel good about that one! >> i feel pretty good about that endorsement. >> reporter: mayor schmitt may be the smartest politician around. with a constst ncy fiercelyfi divided and independent, he directed us to his own house a few blocks away. there weound one sige for afo democratic state assembly candidate and another for a republican running for the state senate. >> ifill: president obama and mitt romney rescheduled their wisconsin events for later this week. want to examine the fallot no matter who wins? you can explore every electoral college scenarr in n oute 2012 map center.vo >> woodruff: is an alert from a drug-sniffing dog enough to justify police searching a home or a car? that's the question the supreme court explored today in two cases. marcia coyle of the "national law journal" was in the courtroom this morning to hear the arguments. and she's here with
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3